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Bumms Bidet

  • 1. Why should I get a bidet?

    The eco-friendly solution that will save your bum and the planet! Say goodbye to endless toilet paper rolls, awkward bathroom acrobatics, and questionable cleanliness. With bidets, you'll be two times cleaner, feel like you've just stepped out of a refreshing shower, and keep your bum happily ever after.

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  • 2. How do I install my bidet?

    Installation is a breeze! Transform your standard 2-piece toilet into a bidet wonderland in less than 10 minutes. With our tutorial videos, handy guides, and our team on your side setting up is easier than ever.

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  • 3. Does it require electricty?

    Say "adios" to increased electricity bills and "hello, squeaky clean bum!" The Bumms bidet runs solely on water supply pressure. Just install it, and voilà, you're all set for the royal tush treatment!

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  • 4. Is it better for my health?

    Let's have a healthier relationship with bum wellness. Toilet paper can often be too rough and excessive wiping can cause pain. A bidet is a great way to give your bum the true care it deserves.

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Designed exclusively for those brave enough to tackle the throne!

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Need Convincing?

  • Feel Fresher

    Bidets remove 99% more poop particles than your good ol' regular wipe

  • Go Greener

    Daily 27,000 trees cut for one ton of toilet paper

  • Saver's Sanctuary

    Bidet users wipe out 75% of toilet paper usage

Installation Guide


I have never installed anything like this, but the video made it seem like something I could do. Everything went super smoothly and both were installed in less than 10 minutes.


“The world would be a better place if everyone had a Bumms!!!” - my 15 year old niece.