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What's the issue with toilet paper anyway?

We all aspire to keep things spick and span in the nether regions. But let's be real, the post-poop ritual of endless TP wiping is like trying to erase a chalkboard with a feather duster—over and over again. And surprise, surprise, this can irritate your skin.

Is the BUMMS bidet water too cold?

Picture this: a gentle spray of water, not too hot, not too cold—just like the Goldilocks of bum treatments. It's like Mother Nature's way of offering your bum a refreshing high-five after its hard work.

How do I clean my BUMMS bidet?

Check out the nozzle, doing its fancy disappearing act and only showing up when it's showtime (aka bathroom time). And guess what? We've got a nifty nozzle wash feature too! We do suggest cleaning manually as much as possible as well.

How do I dry off?

Endless wiping and chafing turns into just a few nice pats. You can use a few sheets of toilet paper to do this or a towel.